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We can design custom bus trips for corporations, businesses, schools, church groups, family outings & private events. Leave the stress to us! We can take care of just the transportation or everything for your trip from beginning to end!
We want every trip to be a five star experience. Below are some tips to think about before and after you book your trip.


Motorcoach Amenities:

  • DVD players are available on all motorcoaches; feel free to bring movies to watch. The DVD players play standard DVDs, no blue-ray discs.

  • WIFI service is available, reception may be limited in certain areas of travel.  

  • Select coaches are equipped with advanced WIFI and Movies on Demand.  Additional fees apply – please ask about availability when booking.


Things to Avoid:

  • Driving on dirt/gravel roads is not permitted. Please bring this up at the time of booking if you think your group may need to travel down a gravel road. Prior approval is needed.

  • Alcohol is not allowed on the motorcoach without paying a deposit. The deposit will be returned upon completion of the trip with the bus in good condition.

Plan Ahead with Drive Times: 

  • Driver drive time is limited to 10 hours in a day. If the driver were to exceed 10 hours, a relief driver may be required.  If your trip requires a relief driver, please allow 30 minutes for any relief driver switch.

  • Google Maps is an excellent tool, but keep in mind the travel time is designed for automobiles traveling the speed limit. A good rule of thumb is to allow 10% more time than Google Maps states. (Also, to get an idea of bus travel time, for every 8 hours of travel on Google maps, add 1 hour.)


1. Provide an detailed itinerary as early as possible prior to your departure date. We require this no less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to departure. The itinerary should include the following:


  • Time, date, and location you would like the motorcoach to arrive to pick up your group.

  • Time you plan to depart and arrive for each event.

  • Name of all of your stops for the duration of your trip, including: hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

  • Times of all of your stops for the duration of your trip, including: pick up time, hotels, attractions, restaurants, and time you plan on returning home.

  • Point of contact name and cell phone number riding the motorcoach. This would be a person that the driver can stay in contact with for the duration of your trip.



2. Make sure your driver is taken care of.

  • Did you book the driver’s room? Keep in mind, if there is more than 1 bus, each driver will require their own hotel room. 

  • When booking hotels for your group, make sure the hotel has adequate parking for a 45-foot long motorcoach. In downtown locations such as Chicago, St. Louis, or Minneapolis, this is very important. 

  • Your driver’s name and phone number will be available to you at departure.

  • Tipping your driver:  A gratuity to the driver for a job well done is very much appreciated. A rule of thumb is 10% of the trip cost or $2 per person, per day of the trip.

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